All of the educational services provided by Edges are through a trauma-resiliency informed, race-conscious, intersectional approach that looks at power, privilege, and access and its impact on diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging. Depending on the client system and the goals to be achieved, Edges will adjust the work accordingly. Edges is able to provide single event experiences as well as short-term and long-term work depending on need. Edges is also able to work one-on-one, small group, large group and whole system. Edges has a variety of working partners of various identities to assure mirroring and reflection of identity within the work.

educational workshops

Edges creates workshops, webinars, and interactive zoom classes to teach particular topics. These workshops can be individually tailored for the needs of the client system. Workshops include large group, small group, pair-share, and experiential, dynamic activities for those involved. 

There are also standard, stand-alone, core workshops that Edges has and will continue to expand upon. Some of these include:

  • Introduction to trauma and resilience
  • Trauma and resilience : strategies for coping
  • Trauma and resilience during covid-19
  • Introduction to white identity, power and privilege
  • A deeper dive into white identity, privilege, white supremacy, and anti-racist advocacy
  • Courageous Conversations across race
  • Adoption 101
  • Transracial, inter-racial adoption
  • Intersectionality: race, class, gender, sexuality, ability
  • Microaggressions and implicit bias
  • Parenting across difference
  • LGBTQ 101
  • Diversity, equity, inclusion 101

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Edges works with non-profit organizations, schools, agencies and businesses seeking to increase their DEI work in any and all levels of the organization. Edges provides multiple phases for extensive DEI work: Phase I – Consultation, Assessment, Development, and Approval of Plan. Phase II –  Development of Programming Phase III – Implementation of education and training. Phase IV – Evaluation of work and next steps. It is possible to utilize Edges for all of these services or for a portion of these services. 

non-profit organizations

Edges works with non-profit boards, executive directors, and staff. Along with DEI work (see above), Edges provides education and training around leadership development, communication skills, boundary setting, use and abuse of power, trauma and resilience and vicarious trauma and resilience (depending on the work of the organization). One crucial aspect of all trainings is active skill and strategy building.


Edges Education works with schools wanting to expand DEI work (see above) Edges also provides training and educational workshops for faculty, staff, parents, PTA, and/or students to address issues of diversity, equity and inclusion, power and privilege, trauma and resiliency informed practices; formation of affinity groups related to particular identities- especially related to race, culture, class, lgbtq, and other identities the school wants to acknowledge.  Edges can also create issue specific, age appropriate education and training, team-building and support. 

One area of particular specialty is working with white teachers, and administrators who need to address white privilege, implicit and explicit bias, stereotype threat, micro-aggressions, unconscious anti-black, anti-POC behavior, and how to best advocate for anti-racist pedagogy and curriculum development.


Edges works with agencies and corporations seeking to implement appropriate diversity, equity and inclusion evaluation, strategies and accountability practices (see above). Working within adoption/foster care agencies LGBTQ, immigration, and other issue specific agencies who are seeking a more intersectional and inclusive approach to their work is an area of expertise. Edges is also able to work in the corporate setting.

Edges can provide training on microaggressions, implicit and explicit bias, white anti-racist advocacy, trauma and resiliency, cross race conversations, supportive and accountable affinity groups within any agency or business. Edges will work with you to discuss your goals and provide thoughts and suggestions on how to meet those goals.

Proposals & Fees

Edges will provide a proposal for work. Included in the proposal will be various fee structures based on a more limited scope or a more extensive scope of work. 

Edges often asks for a retainer toward the work at the beginning of a fixed fee, after which there will be a contract written up and an agreed upon payment plan.