Edges Education and Consulting
Now is the time for us to Increase our human capacity for Awareness, Honesty, Compassion, Understanding, Communication, and Action for Equitable Justice.

Words from Director of Edges,
Beth Wheeler

Beth Wheeler

We are in a time of great upheaval in our Country and in our World. Our human world is suffering as is our natural world. Many people are searching for answers about how and why we got here. They are also looking for something to do. Because the institutions and systems in this country were founded on the roots of injustice, systemic inequities still exist and impact all of us, whether we benefit from them or we suffer because of them. There are dominant groups that have power and privilege and non-dominant groups that don’t have the same access and freedom. There are also feelings and experiences of distrust, disconnection and displacement exist in conjunction with feelings and experiences of greater connection, compassion, and creativity. The tension among these is often where the change can happen. This is what happens when we are on the edge of something. It can feel both terrifying and exciting at all levels: in ourselves, our families, our schools, our workplaces, our communities and in our world. Being in the unknown takes courage. Our work, individually and collectively, is to move through our fears enough to walk toward what might be difficult. In so doing, we will see that it can take us to the edges of personal and collective transformation. Through taking action we can actualize change.

Our Mission:
Edges aspires to help individuals, groups and organizations to actualize dignity, mutual respect, a sense of belonging and a commitment to action for justice through education, trainings, consultation, and psychotherapy.

Our Vision:
We create a dynamic, collaborative, experiential learning environment that welcomes and challenges everyone.  In this space, you have a freedom to open your hearts, minds, bodies and spirits to learning, so you can discover, risk, and take- action in ways you may have never known were possible.

This is who we work with:

We work with individuals, couples, families, groups, schools and organizations. With everyone, we are mindful of the intersections of multiple identities, relational stability, power-equity, and moving away from binary ways of thinking into more fluid ways of thinking and being.

Areas of specialty include:
Trans-racial adoption
White privilege and anti-racism work
Gender and Gender identity
Women’s leadership
“Non-traditional” families
Body integration
Learning differences