Beth’s Articles

Leaving Innocence Behind: The Journey Home from Pact Camp, 2012
Behavior Management and Trauma, 2016
Discussion Guide for “The Adopted Life, DC” by Angela Tucker, 2016

Conference Engagements

  • Women’s Way (2001-2010)
  • Celebrating Women’s Collaborative (2005)
  • Leading Locally, Working Globally (2008)
  • DC Victims Assistance Conference (2008)
  • International Women’s Peace Gathering (2010)
  • Rainbow Families Conference (2010, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2018-2020)
  • White Privilege Conference (2017)
  • Pact Camp West and East (2017, 2018)
  • National Association of Independent Schools, People of Color Conference (2019)

Workshops & Media Appearances

Trauma and Resilience

 Trauma and healing in the female body and the body of an all female group, 2008

 A Mind-Body Approach to Healing Trauma, 2008

The Aftermath of Victimization, A Mind-Body Approach, 2008

Trauma and the Body, 2007

Vicarious Trauma and resiliency working in Immigration, June 2019 (Immigration Organization)

Resilience and Trauma: Education and Strategies During Covid-19; May 2020 (Immigration Organization)

Transracial Adoption

Transracial Adoption: An Introduction,  2009-Present

Transracial Adoption for LGBTQ Prospective Parents- 2 times a year, 2007-present

Parenting Adopted Children Across Race, 2012

Raising Healthy Adopted Children of Color in a Multi-Racial/Multicultural Family, 2016

Navigating White Privilege and White Supremacy as an Adopted Child of Color in a Multi-Racial Family in The United States, 2017

Raising Children of a different race/culture, May 2019 (Rainbow Families conference)

Tania’s Take:  March 5, 2019- Transracial Adoption

Family Equality: Nov. 19, 2019  – LGBTQ and Inter-racial Adoption

InsideOut Radio- WPFW- LGBTQ and Inter-racial Adoption January 8, 2019

Transracial Adoptees, A Forgotten Minority, Dec. 2020 (POCC)

Transracial Adoptees, A Forgotten Minority, Feb. 2020 (Independent Schools of Northern New England)

Racial Justice/Whiteness/Anti-racism

Becoming an Ally Across Difference, 2013

White Queer Parents Taking on Racial Justice Education and Action, 2016

A Deeper Dive:  Navigating White Identity, White Privilege, White Supremacy and Anti-Racist Advocacy, 2017

White People’s Community Conversation, 2017

How To Be An Effective White Ally, 2017

Implicit bias, white privilege and microaggressions, 2018-present

Privilege, identity, micro-aggressions, and communication for equity and inclusion, 2018 

Exploring Whiteness- three sessions-Winter 2020 (White parent group)

Pride Talks: Defund MPD: Educational Forum:  June 2020- Racial Justice


Conspicuous Family Squared: Navigating the World as White LGBT Parents Raising Children of Color, 2010, 2012

Talking to Children about Race and Difference, 2010, 2017

White Queer Parents Talking on Racial Justice Education and Action, 2016

Stories From Our Living Rooms: Helping Regulate Our Children, 2017

Talking to Children about Race and Racism, 2018

Real Talk: White moms raising brown and black boys, 2018

White moms raising brown and black sons, 2018