Edges creates dynamic, interactive, didactic, practical, experiential learning environments in every service: from the most intimate conversations to the largest organization. Our hope is that in doing so, clients will embody the learning they are open to, and therefore, the changes they make will be more long lasting. 

We work with individuals, couples, families, groups, schools and organizations. With everyone, we are mindful of the intersections of multiple identities, and the importance of relational stability, power-equity, and moving away from binary into more fluid ways of thinking and being.

Individual & Partner Therapy

Edges Education offers individual adult and intimate partner therapy for people of all identities.  Clinician Beth Wheeler provides a welcoming and inclusive environment for clients actively seeking to better understand themselves, their patterns, and how to improve the quality of their lives- personally, interpersonally, and/or professionally. With over 20 years of experience, Beth is particularly skilled in working with a diverse clientele and has a unique love of traversing the intersectionality of identities and how those identities influence a person’s life. As a clinician, Beth is trained in a variety of approaches and uses her heart and her mind in her work. The therapeutic environment is interactive, relational, holistic, and thoughtful. Her areas of specialty include trauma, sexual and gender fluidity, and transracial adoption. 


Beth provides consultation to individuals, parents, groups, schools and organizations around a variety of subjects: trauma and resilience; adoption/foster-care; LGBTQIA, DEI, racial justice; white anti-racism; transracial parenting. She will collaborate with you to determine your needs and offer thoughts for moving forward based on her expertise.

Beth is also able to consult with want-to-be parents about adoption, foster-care and/or conception planning and can provide supporting documentation upon request.  Beth is also able to consult with and write letters for gender affirmation processes and procedures.


Edges Education offers a range of services including:  workshops, training, presentations, consultations, facilitation and therapy.  Families, non-profit organizations, schools, and for-profit businesses may utilize Edges.  In all cases, Edges works with clients to develop the methodology best suited to meet process and end-goal needs. Areas of specialty include: group dynamics; diversity, equity and inclusion; trauma; whole systems; and, power and privilege–especially related to dominant and subordinate group identities.

Edges believes in having mirrors and reflections of the people with whom we work, and makes a concerted effort to provide those professionals for the work wherever possible. In racial justice work, for example, Edges engages white and BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) staff to work in racial affinity group spaces, as well in cross-race dialogue where appropriate. Edges also has  partnerships with people who identify across many differences, including race, class, sexuality, gender, gender-identity, adoption, ability.