Edges Education offers consultation for individuals, intimate partners, small groups and organizations. Through consultation about what your goals are, Edges will work with you to then discuss programming that best suits your needs. Should you want to continue working with Edges post consultation, Edges would then make a proposal for work and move to another level of engagement. 

Edges can consult on every level from the most individual to the systemic for the sake of increased power-equity and improvement of best practices as well as individual lives.

Opportunities for engagement

  • White individuals who want to better understand white privilege, power, supremacy, and how to become anti-racist, or more actively anti-racist
  • LGBTQ+ adults hoping to create a family and want to consult about options, including needing consultation about IVF
  • Parents who have adopted trans-racially or are hoping to adopt trans-racially;
  • White parents wanting to raise anti-racist kids
  • Parents who have children questioning sexuality, sexual orientation and/or gender identity and want guidance
  • Parents who themselves are LGBTQ and navigating family or work issues
  • Professionals who want more guidance in working with clients who present with issues related to adoption, race, gender and sexual identity
  • Professional supervision for social workers
  • Executive Directors or leaders in organizations, particularly wanting guidance around bias
  • Organizations and/or agencies who want to begin addressing issues of diversity, equity and Inclusion and don’t know where to start or how to continue the work
  • Organizations or schools who want to create affinity groups
  • Any group, school or organization wanting to incorporate trauma informed approaches