With colleagues Bhanumathy Vasudevan, Rita Andrews and Alexandra Merrill

Edges Education is run by Beth Wheeler. When Edges Education works with you, we tailor a plan that will meet your needs. Of the services we provide, Beth is the individual who will do therapy and some forms of consultation.  For those of you who want group or systems level work, Beth will work with you to discuss how many facilitators/trainers might be ideal and help determine who might be the best fit. One of the areas of strength that Beth brings is networking and collaboration.  At Edges, Beth works with various individuals and organizations when developing larger group and systems-level programming.  She believes that not only do people need to learn, they need to act.

Beth Wheeler, LICSW, LCSW-C, LMT. Since she was little, Beth has been interested in people.  She has been a keen observer, a natural networker, a compassionate listener, and a skilled synthesizer of what she sees, senses, feels, hears, and learns from those around her.  She has an ability to work in the most intimate of settings with one person and also in a room full of people who don’t even know each other.  Her commitment to community, compassion, courageous conversations, connection and confronting structural injustice with humility as well as activism are some of her trademarks.  She thrives on learning and working collaboratively with people to move insight into action for justice.

After being in Latin America for a year after college, Beth began her career in DC in the non-profit international women’s social justice sector.  Beth has since been on a path that now leads her back to integrating her various ‘professions’ into social justice work again.  Beth has been a psychotherapist for over 10 years and was a massage therapist and doula for 10 years before that.  As an integrative psychotherapist, she has incorporated her understanding of the body, psyche, culture, trauma, identity, and our human society into her work with clients.  Beth has also co-led intensive 9-day residential retreats for women, has assisted in coordinating an International Peace Conference and has been instrumental in starting an east coast branch of a camp for adoptive families raising children of color that was in Baltimore, MD in August, 2017.  

Beth identifies as a white, cis-gender, able-bodied, lesbian woman raising her two African- American domestically-adopted sons with her wife of 19 years.  She continues to live each day with an openness to learning and an excitement to connect in meaningful ways with people. She is committed to action and activism.

Areas of specialty are:  Sexuality and Gender identity; Adoption; Trans-racial adoption; Race/Racism; Culture; Class/Caste; Women’s leadership; “non-traditional families’; Body integration; Trauma; Mindfulness; Spirituality; White anti-racist development; Learning differences.