organizations, schools, agencies

Our team will meet with you to discuss the learning agenda and/or diversity, equity, inclusion needs of your business. We can assess your policies and procedures, perform climate assessments, lead focus-groups, do in-person meetings with your staff and leadership to help discern the issues presenting themselves to your business.  We can also do trainings for your staff, your boards, your students and constituents on issue specific topics.  We will meet with you and hand pick the best team to meet your needs. We can work on individual, small group, large group, and all systems levels.  More consulting institutional level trainings might include:

  • Implicit Bias
  • Cultural Competency
  • Inclusive hiring practices
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion best practices
  • Anti-bias training
  • LGBT competency
  • Racial Literacy
  • Adoption Competency
  • Trauma informed care/education
  • White Racial identity/white privilege
  • Gender and Gender Identity
  • Cross-difference dialogue- “courageous conversations”
  • Intersectionality



We negotiate a “by the job” rate given what is needed. We also ask for an upfront retainer fee upon signing of the contract.