We create educational programs to meet your needs. We can come to your organization or agency to do education trainings on various topics. We can do retreats for your staff. We can work with your Board. We can develop workshops in your communities. We will collaborate with you to create what will be of most service to you. We also develop our own workshops with various themes and host them locally. Here are a few examples of what we have done.

Transracial Adoption
• Anticipating transracial adoption- what you need to think about.
• We have transracially adopted and need support and help.
• How do we thrive as a transracial family living with multiple identities?
• Best practices for creating a “safe enough” space for transracial adoptees in schools.

White Dominant Culture:
• Intro to white racial identity, white privilege and white supremacy.
• A deeper dive into white culture, white privilege, white supremacy.
• White anti-racist advocacy

Cross-Difference Conversations:

• Introduction to cross-difference conversations.
• Mindfulness and conversations across race.
• Gender identity and fluidity.
• Intersectionality of differences.

Women’s Retreats
(including cis-gender, transgender and gender-fluid people)


Fees are dependent on frequency, duration, location, and expected implementation of the program. This could be negotiated by the hour or by the job, depending on the needs and abilities of the client.